Providing Financial Solutions for Your Used Truck Purchase

Physical Damage Insurance

In some respects, physical damage insurance is the most important insurance coverage you will buy for your truck.  This is the coverage that protects what may be your single largest investment, other than your home.

We offer a physical damage policy from a company that specializes in truck insurance and is designed to meet a trucker’s specific needs.  With just a few minutes of your time, we can provide you with a quote and details of key coverage benefits to help you decide if you are protected the way you should be.

For more information about our physical damage coverage, or any of our other products, please contact us using either the phone number or e-mail address shown on our Contacts page.

GAP Waiver


GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) is an amendment to the financing agreement whereby we agree to waive the remaining balance owing against your truck or trailer in the event of a total loss or unrecovered theft. Peace of mind at a modest cost.

• GAP Protection covers your primary insurance deductible up to $1,000, where allowed by law
• GAP Protection covers the gap between the Actual Cash Value of your truck or trailer and the remaining loan balance in the event of a total loss or unrecovered theft
• Loans may be covered up to $85,000 and 60 months
• Low monthly cost

Debt Waiver


Next to your home, your truck is probably the largest purchase you will make.

It is one of your most important assets, but it also accounts for a major part of your debt. In the event that you die unexpectedly, that debt can become an unwelcome burden to your family.

The Debt Waiver Program is an optional non-insurance debt waiver agreement that cancels the outstanding indebtedness on your loan in the event of your death and releases complete ownership of your truck to your estate. And if you are unable to work due to injury or illness during the first 12 months of your contract, this program will waive payments up $1,500 per month for up to six months. The cost of the waiver is only pennies per day and may be added to your loan balance and included in your monthly payment.